Monday, 20 June 2011

Professional Portfolio

The pantechnicon of party photographs is at last unloaded with this selection. More polished than my own, professional snappers Robbie Ewing and Kris Allen earn our sincere thanks for permission to reproduce them here. Included are the long promised series where drink is demonstrated to progressively get the better of Freelance Head of Graphics, Mr Ian Vincent and Oval Area Manager, Mr Timothy Chapman. They both called in sick the next day.

As stated before, a cross section of all life was represented and I hope these images confirm it:

Yash's father & uncle (c) Robbie Ewing
Yash's sister and mama (c) Robbie Ewing
The Mayor and Mama Yash (c) Robbie Ewing
Ali Age of Reason (c) Robbie Ewing
André & Stephen (c) Robbie Ewing
The Crowd Went Wild (c) Robbie Ewing
Our favourite Young British Artists, Tom'n'Alice (c) Robbie Ewing
Donna's friend's doggie (c) Robbie Ewing
The pretty millineress from the Oval Lounge, wearing her own creation (c) Robbie Ewing
Mr Andrew Roachford (c) Robbie Ewing
Truly a delightful portrait of Tim Balmain-to-Bedlam Oval Area Manager (c) Robbie Ewing

"There's no vodka in this cocktail!" was the accusation Mr Vincent levied at cocktologist (??) extraordinaire Miss Carr.
I think this set of photos proves him wrong. All (c) Robbie Ewing
My mama and Mr Antony Price (c) Kris Allen
In case you are unacquainted with the eminence of the gentleman above, take a read of this:
My mama is yet to have a Wikipedia entry devoted to her.

Mr Wesley in a neckerchief by Age of Reason, Lady C and Mr Antony P (c) Kris Allen
Ali and the Bedlam Galleon (c) Kris Allen
Actor Mr Don Gilet and son Flynn (c) Kris Allen
Ah, now it's been a while since we had a musical interlude on the blog. Here you go, with props to the father and son above (seeing as it is Father's Day, at least it was when I started writing this):

Mr Andrew Roachford, Best Voice in Britain, in his Bedlam strides (c) Kris Allen
The Mayor cuts the ribbon (of hound's tooth check) while Mr Stephen Roachford tweaks the levels (c) Kris Allen
Mr Mark Wesley a.k.a. The Earl of Bedlam (c) Kris Allen
Doggie again (c) Kris Allen

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