Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Waterloo Sunrise, Stockwell Sunset

Tomorrow we nip back to Mansion House to swap out the outfits for two new ones. In the meantime let's show you the fruits of a photo shoot we had along the back streets of Waterloo a few sunny Sundays ago. They were taken by Danny Lowe (http://dannylowe.tumblr.com/page/2), in his final term at the London School of Fashion where he is studying photography. He was introduced to us by his sweet sis Pepe who is at Chelsea College of Art. She originally helped us out with some volunteering, sticking on crystals to production sample t-shirts and generally adding a genetic sheen to the print room (Danny and Pepe's parents are distinguished silk screen printers). This shoot will make up part of Danny's degree project now. It is extremely helpful to us to get images of this calibre and as some sort of pay back we introduced Danny to Jeremy Hackett (http://www.jeremyhackett.com/). Jeremy lives near the shop and says it reminds him of how he started out, with vintage tailoring and luggage. Now Hackett will be lending Danny some of their latest collection to take home to Whitby. So we help each other out, trickle down patronage.

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During the shoot with Danny, I took "behind the scenes". The whole album is on Facebook - and you don't need to sign up to look if you have So' Med' issues:

But here's a few of my am-snaps before we get to Danny's pro-prints -

Our early rising was rewarded with a beautiful day

At Danny's back is the King's Head pub where our early rising was rewarded with a Bloody Mary.

We called for reinforcements in the form of Simon, guvnor of the Queen's Head on the Stockwell Road. He jumped on his trusty rusty steed and met us in no time at the King's Head, on Roupell Street, Waterloo (where that Meryl Streep was in the other day, according to our waitress).

Simon of the Queen's Head, Stockwell with Mark in the King's Head, Waterloo
Then off we set in search of locations new, the trollied trunk show trundled on:

Pa Butler kindly supplied clay pipes gathered from his Honourable Company of Tobacco and Pipe Maker dinners, and soon they were packed and smokin':

We can only take so much sunlight and took refuge in a phone box before scuttling into the graffiti arches at Waterloo Station. Then we made a dash for it to Stockwell and Simon's shadowy kingdom, the Queen's Head -

And here's the Real McCoy for ya, a selection from Danny's set:

Disposable Income

"Howlin' F.I.L.T.H. and the Rent Boys" being the coming together of local musical talent to which Simon lends his drumming skills. Lead singer is Larry Love of Alabama 3 and on t-shirt design and production is us!

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